Lecture on the problems with microplastics and trash in the ocean and their impact on marine wildlife, given by a biologist, environmental engineer and specialist in the protection, conservation and management of protected natural areas.


  • Microplastics
  • Ocean
  • Biology


Lecture on measures for the conservation of native turtle species in Valencia given by Jorge Bonet, biologist, environmental engineer and specialist in protection, conservation and management of protected natural areas.


  • Turtles
  • Animal protection
  • Biology


Lecture on Mediterannean Archaeology given by a professor of History, Anthropology and Archaeology. Although we often find ancient history as something detached from our reality, the way we move, act and think is strongly conditioned by antiquity. Moreover, the shape and function of the houses, cities and temples that people still employ today were first developed thousands of years ago around the Mediterranean. This sea and the territories surrounding its shores have been a cultural crossroad for several millenniums.


  • Archaeology
  • History
  • Mediterranean

Business in Spain

Introduction to certain areas of the company, explaining the history and the company type, the sector, the market and the ecosystem in which it operates, followed by a more detailed explanation answering questions such as:

  • How the business is structured
  • How the company’s main departments interact
  • How the business relate its activity to the local community
  • Who are their main stakeholders


  • Local Business,
  • Stakeholders
  • Marketing

International Business

Following up on the business introduction, the company explains its activities on a global scale, defining the various products and services provided, followed by an analysis of specific areas such as:

  • The company’s international presence
  • What are their key markets
  • Who is the competition and how the company differentiate themselves
  • How they analyze a potential partner / client / market
  • How they adapt to each market, country, language or culture (also related to “intercultural communications”)


  • International Business
  • Global Economy
  • Key Markets


Main areas are identified here: offline marketing and online or digital marketing. Foci include:

  • Preparation is key to a successful marketing plan
  • Multichannel and omnichannel marketing
  • Five impacts to reach targets
  • New tools in order to communicate with leads, clients or partners
  • Marketing resources in the football industry


  • Marketing plan
  • Clients and Partners
  • Digital Marketing

Media & Communication

Following up on the marketing section, we look into company activity developed by the communications and press department, including the interaction with fans, followed by an analysis of certain areas such as :

  • How the company communicates its values
  • How they differentiate themselves from the crowd
  • The difference between fans and clients
  • New media types to reach new audiences


  • Communication
  • Marketing
  • Company’s values

Intercultural Communication

Throughout this workshop we will discover and witness contexts whereby intercultural communication is important and how to deal with it:

  • Overseas business projects
  • Volunteering abroad
  • Study abroad 
  • Why it is important to deepen the understanding of cultural, social and economic features
  • What we have to consider in order to achieve successful communication


  • Study Abroad
  • Communication
  • Overseas projects