Japan walking tour

Geisha & Their Daily Life
A tour in the traditional and beautiful Gion district to understand the mysterious life of Geisha.
We will walk through the different Geisha “Hanamachi” streets as we introduce the history of Gion and the Geisha without forgetting to explain their daily life and work in modern times.
We will talk about the architecture of the “machiya” townhouses and try to differentiate together a normal townhouse from a maiko community (apprentice geisha).
We will also take the time to stop by a few exciting townhouses to have a closer look at all their luck charms ornamenting their front door.
Locations: Hanamikoji dori; Shinbashi dori; Miyagawacho; Pontocho

Following the favorite walk of the Philosopher Nishida Kitaro from Kyoto University
A tour on the eastern side of Kyoto to talk about religion and modern Japan
We will stroll on the delightful Philosopher’s Path famous for its green scenery and its marvelous cherry blossoms at the end of March.
The Philosopher’s Path numbers many iconic Buddhist temples along its way.
We will walk through Honen-in temple and Nanzen-ji temple to explain Japanese Buddhism and highlight a few differences between Buddhist sects and shrines.
Then, we will discover a pleasant riverside walk and introduce how Japanese people see religion nowadays before visiting one of the famous Kyoto shrines.
Locations: Honen-in temple; Philosopher’s path; Nanzen-ji temple; Heian-Jingu shrine

The importance of light & traditional craftsmanship
A tour off the beaten path on the western side of Kyoto to talk about the importance of light & traditional craftsmanship.
We will start our tour on the riverbank of the Katsura river and cross the famous “Togetsukyo” bridge. We will highlight a few anecdotes about this bridge and explain why the moon, its reflection, and the light take a major part in the Japanese aesthetic.
Then, we will walk through the bamboo grove in an attempt to feel its peculiar atmosphere while trying to hear bamboos clapping sound.
We will finish in an area of the beaten path to discover a pottery shop and a bamboo shop and introduce their traditional craftsmanship.
Locations: The Moon Crossing bridge; Bamboo grove; Rakushisha area (pottery shop and bamboo shop)