Top ways institutions are using and funding 360° EDU subscriptions

  1. Institutions are developing for credit and non-credit courses that are being used through continuing education and other departments. Institutions are offsetting the cost of their subscription and generating tuition revenue with this method.
  2. Supplemental learning materials to enhance the curriculum and keep students engaged during online, in class and out of class assignments. Faculty can use it as a starting point for their in class lectures, homework assignments etc.
  3. Research projects and class presentations where individual students and student groups lead the demos.
  4. Creating the Global Learning Lab – promoted campus-wide and allows unlimited access to your entire student body, institutions that are back on campus are hosting it at the study abroad office, or in the library, some with Oculus Quest VR goggles.
  5. Promotion and recruitment for traditional study abroad. Even if it’s a different destination than you’re offering, it’s going to plant the seeds in the students. In student surveys from our IEW trial event, 99% of students responded that the GLE inspired them to travel to the destination.
  6. Allowing students to fulfill Global Competency Requirements with these experiences.
  7. Solution for campus-wide virtual study abroad programming during academic calendar breaks, International Education Week, and National Study Abroad Day.
  8. Variation of Freshman Orientation / College Success course (a prerequisite for study abroad)
  9. Faculty are planning synchronous live experiences to be paired with the asynchronous materials by scheduling guides from the 360° GLE to present to their classes via live streams.
  10. Foreign language classes (Spanish, French and Italian) are using multilingual programs for language practice/comprehension, translation, etc.

How are institutions funding subscriptions for 360° GLE?

Institutions have successfully funded the subscriptions through the following departments: 


  • Continuing Education
  • The Institution Foundation 
  • Student Life / Student Activities
  • Academic Affairs
  • Global Ed Office
  • Honors College
  • Library
  • Online Learning
  • Experiential Learning
  • Department by Department Budgets 
  • Faculty / Professional Development Budget 
  • International / External Institutional Grants