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Switzerland is considered one of the greenest countries on the planet. A total of 64% of their energy comes from renewable energy, primarily from hydropower.

Discover how a small nation committed to sustainability, conserves it’s beautiful landscape and provides it’s population with their energy needs through hydropower, solar energy, biogas, wind energy and a common goal of coexisting with nature and impacting the environment as little as possible.

Understand their dilemma with Nuclear Energy, concerns about climate change and how the melting of the glaciers will impact the energy they rely on the most. Most importantly, we’ll discover how citizens across the country make an effort to produce their own energy and contribute to making it available back in the grid.

We’ll explore how a Swiss dairy farmer uses solar energy and a wood chip burner to produce more energy than their dairy farm and production center consumes. This plus-energy dairy farm is a positive example for dairy farming around the world.

Food waste and animal waste is something all countries contend with. We’ll learn from a local Swiss farmer how he is collecting methane gas from food waste provided by local restaurants and hotels and manure provided from local farms to produce methane gas and convert this gas into electricity providing power to more than 500 homes in his village. Nothing goes wasted here.

We’ll visit hydroelectric facilities who are using innovative systems to reuse as much water as possible while generating as much energy as possible. We’ll visit the first plus-energy hotel in the Alpine region which uses solar to produce more energy than the hotel consumes.

  • Sustainable and Renewable Energy Facilities  (Hydropower, Windpower, Solar Power, Biogas)
  • UNESCO Biosphere
  • Climate Change and Glacier Meltage 
  • Sustainable Hospitality 
  • Sustainable Dairy Farm

St. Moritz, Entlebuch UNESCO Biosphere, Jungfrau, Bieudron

Repower – Alp Grum, ForzAgricula –  Canton of Grisons, Unesco Biosphere –  Entlebuch Lucerne, Bieudron: Hydroelectric Power Station – Canton of Valais, Sustainable Hotel –  Muottas Muragl, BASE: Sustainable Energy – Basel

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