Science - England: Oxford

Boasting the oldest English speaking university in the world Oxford has been a home and inspiration for many great scientists and their achievements. From Haley’s comet, the discovery of Penicillin, to the discovery of the rechargeable lithium ion battery, which today powers mobile phones- the science and scientists of Oxford have left their mark on the world. 

Learn about the achievements of the people who studied at the University and the legacy they have left. This tour highlights the achievements of a few of Oxford’s 53 Nobel laureates in Science, including the only British woman to have been awarded the Nobel prize in Science.

  • The discovery of Penicillin
  • Oxford science gardens
  • Nobel prize winners in science
  • Science Alumni from Oxford colleges
  • History of medicine in Oxford
  • Einsteins visit to Oxford
  • Chemistry laboratory and the roles of the scientists
  • Haley’s comet
  • Development of Technology
  • Physics and Oxford

University of Oxford colleges, Botanical Gardens, Laboratory

Botanical Gardens, Magdalen College, Merton College, Robert Hooke Laboratory, University College, Radcliffe Camera, Haley House, History of Science Museum, Chemistry Laboratory, Somerville College

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