Vinci and San Miniato

Global Perspectives - Italy: Vinci & San Miniato

Leonardo, the famous artist and inventor, was born in Vinci, a small town in the Tuscan countryside, close to San Miniato. Visiting the Museum of Leonardo in Vinci we’ll learn all about his genius, discovering all the machines he designed. 

The picturesque town of San Miniato, on the hills south of Fucecchio, is known for the quality of some of its local products, especially for the white truffle. Besides local varieties of tomatoes, olives and artichokes, the area is known for the cultivation of tobacco Kentucky, which is used for the production of Toscano cigars, which are fermented and then dried. Here we’ll also talk about the medieval German emperor Frederick II and about Napoleon Bonaparte, whose history is related to this town. 

  • Leonardo da Vinci 
  • Local Products
  • Frederick II
  • Napoleon Bonaparte 

Vinci and San Miniato – Town of Truffles 

  • Leonardo da Vinci Museum 
  • Tower of Federico II
  • Local Products Store

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