Rome 1

Humanites - Ancient Rome 1 - From the foundation to the end of the Republic (753 BC - 14 AD)

A brief history of Ancient Rome, through visits to many of the monuments that can still be found in the “Eternal City”. We’ll start with the legendary foundation of Rome, consider the archeological findings that confirm it. Next, we’ll introduce the institutions and the traditions of the Roman Republic and the interactions with the Etruscan and the Greek cultures. We’ll discuss major characters of Roman history, such as: Caesar and Augustus.
  • Ancient Greeks in Italy
  • Etruscans
  • Origins of Roman Culture
  • The Roman Republic
  • The Caesars and Imperial Rome
  • The Late Roman Empire: Transformation A New Faith: Early Christianity in Rome

Rome, Ostia Antica, Tivoli, Pompeii, Paestum

Roman Forum, Palatine Hill, Temples of the Forum Boarium, Aurelian Walls, Colosseum, Baths of Caracalla, Ancient Appian Way, Mausoleums, Circus Maximus, Pantheon, Catacombs, Basilicas, Archeological Park of Ostia (including Theater, Market, temples, taverns and the Synagogue), Hadrian’s Villa, Temples of Tivoli, Archeological Park of Pompeii (including Forum, temples, private houses, taverns, amphitheater), Ancient Temples of Poseidonia-Paestum, and more!

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