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Global Perspectives - Italy: Valle d'Aosta

Lys Glacier – The Italian alps are considered a hot spot for climate change. The temperature has increased twice as fast in comparison to other parts of Europe. The Monte Rosa Massif in the region of Valle d’Aosta, at the border with Switzerland, is the largest mountain massif in the Alps and the second highest mountain in Europe after Mont Blanc. The Lys Glacier is one of the most spectacular glaciers of the Alps, starting from the Lyskamm Peak at 13,937 ft on the sea level and reaching the Lys Valley at 8530 ft. The glacier retreated impressively and it is now much smaller than it used to be. Legambiente is an Italian environmentalist association founded in 1980. It’s the most prominent and widespread environmental association in Italy with two headquarters in Rome and Milan, 20 regional coordination offices and more than 600 local groups of volunteers. It’s supported by more than 115,000 members, donors and by projects and businesses that are in line with the organization’s principles. Vanda Bonardo is a naturalist, teacher, enrolled in Legambiente since 1987 and for sixteen years president of Legambiente Piedmont and Valle d’Aosta. National Council of Education from 2011 to 2012. Passionate about the mountains for the past six years. She has  dealt in particular with the Alps as the national manager of the Legambiente Alps and member of the CIPRA Italy 

In this area of Valle d’Aosta three different languages are spoken: Italian, Walser (a German dialect) and Franco-Provençal (a language closely related to French). The plurilingualism of the region witnesses the richness of the local cultural traditions that have been preserved in architecture, music, folklore and food. Mass tourism, especially related to winter sports, endangers the preservation of this unique local culture. Local associations are working to convert to a more sustainable form of tourism. 

  • Climate Change & Lys Glacier Retreat  – Guest speaker: Vanda Bonardo (Director of Legambiente)
  • Multilingual Towns & Sustainable Tourism  

Gressoney – St. Jean – Lys Valley

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