Global Perspectives - Italy: Paestum

Produced in this region since the middle age, the buffalo mozzarella is a PDO (protected designation of origin) cheese, made only with milk of Italian Mediterranean Buffalos, an indigenous breed of water buffalo. In spite of the success of the local modern agriculture, the most famous and important food product of the area, especially in the towns of Battipaglia, Eboli and Paestum is by far the Buffalo Mozzarella cheese. Mozzarella is the most important among the several kinds of cheese that are made only in a few specific provinces of Italy and are based on pure buffalo milk

Located in the South-East of the Gulf of Salerno, in the Southern part of the Piana del Sele, Paestum is an archaeological site of extreme importance, recognised by UNESCO as part of the World Cultural Heritage, along with the National Park of Cilento and Vallo di Diano. The Temple of Neptune (5th century BC) is a huge construction made of travertine marble, in a warm golden color that varies at different times of the day. It is a real jewel of Doric architecture: majestic and elegant. The Temple of Ceres (6th century BC), actually dedicated to the goddess Athena, back in the Medieval times was transformed into a church and today it still houses three Christian tombs, placed against the outer wall. 

  • Traditional Buffalo Mozzarella
  • Greeks History in Italy  

Tenuta Vannulo – Buffalo Mozzarella Production Center, Paestum Archaeological Complex

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