Global Perspectives – India

India is a perfect example of globalization thriving in a modern state, without the displacement its inherited culture and traditions. From the IT hub of Bangalore, to the Spice Routes of cochin, the palaces in Rajasthan, and well-preserved forests, India has many unique experiences that will leave you wanting more!

This virtual tour will give you keen insights into India’s social/business cultures, unique attitudes, and different approaches to solving problems that are intrinsically distinct from those in Western countries.

  • Unity in Diversity
  • Sustainability
  • Culinary
  • Local Markets
Bangalore Urban, Bangalore Rural, Bandipur, Chikkaballapur.

Krishna Rajendra Market (Old Trading Market)
Manyata Tech Park
UB city
Church street
Avenue road markets

Scene 1
History of Bangalore
Short introduction to India and brief history of the evolution of Bangalore becoming the Silicon Valley of India.
Ride Through Bangalore
360 Video Ride Through Bangalore.
Public Bus System
360 Video of the Public Bus System.
Bangalore Fort
360 Video of Bangalore Fort.

Scene 2
Flower Market
The flower market of Bangalore, also known as the KR Market, is one of the India's largest flower markets. The kaleidoscope of colors and scents is unforgettable.
Flower Market 360°
360 Video of Flower Market in Bangalore.

Scene 3
Vegetable Market
360 Video of Vegetable Market
Outdoor Food Market 1
360 video of the outdoor food market part1
Outdoor Food Market 2
360 video of the outdoor food market  part2
Ride Through Market
360 Video of a bike ride through the market
Flower Stalls
360 Video walk of the flower stalls.

Scene 4
Traditional Indian Food
A video about one of Indian must famous traditional simple dish called: "Dosa". Made from a fermented batter mainly consisting of lentils and rice.

Scene 5
Colonial History
Bangalore was one of the major settlements for the British, discussion of British influence on the modern city.

Scene 6
Central Business District
The transformation of the quaint city into a cosmopolition hub, and the businesses that are based in the city.
Central Business District 360°
360 video of the Central Business District in Bangalore.

Scene 7

Vidhana Soudha  - This short video shows the administration quarter of Bangalore, where you can find the High court of Bangalore city (High Court of Karnataka), and the (Vidhana Soudha), the seat of the state legislature of the Karnataka region along with the history of the architecture
Vidhana Soudha 360°
360 video of the administration quarter of Bangalore
State Capital
The administrative quarter of Bangalore, where one can find the High Court of Bangalore City (High Court of Karnataka), and the Vidhana Soudha; the seat of the state legislature of the Karnataka region, The history of the architecture is also discussed.

Scene 8
Cubbon Park
A quick look into how Bangalore was coined: "the Garden City" and a view into Cubbon Park, also called- Sri Chamarajendra Park, and its present day significance.

Scene 9
A New Wave of Education
A brief overview of the new wave of education, State Government reforms and policies made in the Education sector.

Scene 10
Chef Abraham Jacob Interview - A virtual hands-on culinary experience, with one of India's most popular dishes
Butter Chicken. An introdcution to a modern brewery in a cosmopoliton city and to their kitchen. Chef Abraham then gives a brief history of the dish before cooking the actual dish. The process is slow and eloborate to ensure the audience can try their culinary skills with this popular Indian dish.

Scene 11
Local Business - The Bier Library
Chef Abraham gives a brief history of the dish before cooking the actual dish. The process is slow and eloborate to ensure the audience can try their culinary skills with this popular Indian dish.

Scene 12
Chef Abraham Jacob Book
A quick video about Chef Abraham Jacob latest Book on India cousine.

Scene 13
Melanie Kumar
India’s food and the religious influences on food.
Dr. Wooday P Krishna
Mahatma Gandhi’s view on a social and secular India, and an introduction to India’s secularism.

Scene 14
Bean to Cup
An introduction to local coffee farmer and his family. Then, starting from the plant, a detailed stage-by-stage overview of the process of producing a cup of coffee.

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