Global Perspectives - Greece

Greece is the oldest civilization in Europe and the birthplace of the Western Civilization.

Together, we explore this picturesque country with its beautiful and world famous culture, cuisine and sunsets. We learn the secrets of the Mediterranean diet and how the ancient, unique techniques of farming and processing the produce are still being used today on islands created by volcanoes, some of which are still active!

Find out how the local inhabitants used to camouflage their houses to hide from pirates! Learn about the connection the Ancient Greeks had with music and the “healing of the soul.”

Additionally, take a closer look at Venetian Castles found on the top of traditional Greek towns.

The mainland is also host to a great contrast of influences from the different civilizations that passed throughout the years: Classical Ancient Greek ruins atop the Acropolis, Mosques built on the slopes and Romain ruins at the base. We will find ourselves in Syntagma square, the famous riot square of Athens where at the very top, the Parliament building stands.

Athens is the city where Democracy, Drama, Philosophy and the rebirth of the ancient Olympic games were born.

  • Mediterranean Diet
  • Organic Olive Oil and Wine
  • Modern Olympic Games 
  • Modern Athens
  • Syntagma Square 
  • Unknown Soldier 
  • Greek Islands 
  • An Active Volcano in Greece
  • Greek Music & Culture 
  • The Most Picturesque Town of the Greek Mainland 
  • One of the Oldest Man-Made Canals

Athens, Santorini, Crete, Argos, Crete, Nafplio, Corinth

  • Food Market in Athens
  • Santorini biological Vineyards
    Argos biological Vineyards
  • Crete Traditional Vineyards
  • Crete traditional Oil Grove & Oil press
  • Panathenaic Stadium of Athens
  • The Parliament
  • Syntagma Square
  • National Park
  • Monastiraki Flea Market in Athens

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