Global Perspectives - England: London

Over the past 400 years, London has been a place of refuge for people escaping religious, political and economic crisis, they settled in London bringing with them tradition, food and culture which have left a lasting impact on the London of today. 

This experience will introduce you to the markets past and present, the food and the people who have made London their home, and show the impact the people of London have had on theatre, music and fashion. The Swinging Sixties brought the electric guitar and rock-n-roll, and London was the place of inspiration, recording and performances by some of the greatest era’s musicians. 

Further, learn about the Victorian men and women who worked to improve the lives of ordinary people and those whose legacy can be felt around the world today in modern medicine and healthcare. 

Through this experience, one can begin to understand how modern London is shaped by the citizens, their political ideas, culture and religion and understand the history behind how London became home to one of the most ethnically diverse populations in the world.

  • History of Immigration
  • London’s market old & new
  • Trade in London
  • London’s oldest Brewery
  • Theatres
  • London’s oldest department store
  • Fashion
  • Music through the decades
  • The Swinging Sixties
  • Political minds
  • Victorian philanthropy
  • Poverty & Crime
  • Chinatown then & now
  • Development of Piccadilly

East London Market, Soho, Chinatown, Piccadilly

Liverpool Street Station, Petticoat lane Market, Spitalfields Market, Vintage Market, Old Truman’s Yard, Brick Lane, London Palladium, Liberty – Department Store, Carnaby Street, Cholera Water Pump, Home of Karl Marx, Trident Recording Studios, Soho Square, ChinaTown, Piccadilly Circus

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