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India caters to the aspirations of a billion people. Existing frameworks can prove to be inadequate and there is a great need to leverage a billion minds and become a global power. In recent years, the Indian startup ecosystem, driven by factors such as: massive funding, consolidation activities, evolving technology and a burgeoning domestic market, has given rise to a new breed of young startups and has evolved to become the third-largest base of technology startups in the world.

This section of the virtual tour will give you keen insights into various aspects of India’s business landscape, rural industries, and how microfinance plays a part in it all.

  • MicroFinance Micro Finance in India – Laws, History. Academician Speak Micro Finance challenges faced – Banking Professional Jana Finance Brief Case Study – Jana Finance Projects
  • CSR In India Brief about Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), its importance for a country like India, Applicable laws. CSR at Mindtree and Vision – Done by the CSR Head at MindTree. CSR Activities at Mindtree (3 Projects).
  • Cooperative Societies History of Cooperative societies in India, Its importance for a country like India, India’s top societies. An academician speaks Brief on Silk cooperative society. Silk Farming Villages. Silk Process – Cocoon to Fabric. Silk fabric Markets. Sustainability.
  • Sustainable energy In India Academician Climate Change and the future of energy needs in India. Academician Case Study – Selco Solar. Management Speak. Selco Solar projects. Case Study – Cochin Airport. Management Speak. Cochin Airport Solar Plant.
  • Unity in Diversity Indian constitution Foundation – Justice, Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity Academician Speak. Why is India called a subcontinent? Academician Speak. Indian cuisine: The spice Connection. History of Religions in India. Religious Leaders speak on secularism. Hindu, Muslim, Christian.
Bangalore urban and rural, Bandipur, Chikballapur

Central Business District
Cubbon Park
State Capital
KR Market
Central museums district includes:
M.G. Road, Brigade Road, St. Marks road, Ulsoor lake, Tippu Palace

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