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London is considered one of the main business hubs in the world. With a strong service-based economy and a flourishing entrepreneurial scene, London has it all when it comes to business.

Located between Asia and America, it’s the only capital in the “ex-European” Union with English as the main language, while at the same time boasting one of the world’s most diverse cosmopolitan populations. These are a few of the factors that make London a unique and strong Business market. During this virtual module we will cover various business environments from start-ups and entrepreneurship, to global supply chains, as well as other related topics such as cryptocurrencies and Brexit. Included also are walking tours of the Financial district.

  • From internship to a full time job in a B2b SaaS startup
  • Entrepreneurship and startup
  • Social entrepreneurship 
  • Example of a mobility improvement application 
  • CSR applied to various sectors
  • Sustainability and new business practices
  • Sustainability in startup companies
  • Sustainability in the fashion Industry. 
  • Creating Social Impact through sustainable business practices
  • Philanthropy
  • Innovation post COVID-19
  • Supply chain
  • Doing business in a global environment through innovative startup companies.
  • Advice on how to join a logistic world-wide company
  • Remote working and softwares
  • Scaling a company and standardization of processes.
  • Coworking Hubs, Innovation Hubs and Coworking Spaces
  • Bitcoin, BTC (Bitcoin Core), BCH (Bitcoin Cash), BSV (Bitcoin Satoshi Vision), Bitcoin system, Cryptocurrency startups, alternative Financial perspectives, Bitstocks.com
  • Branding, ethical branding, brand value, influencer-led branding, influencers marketing
  • Financial tour of London 
  • Discussion on BREXIT with Michael DicksonProduct Life-Cycle and Supply-Chain. The Social Enterprise Model


London Bridge, St. Albans, Queen’s Elizabeth Olympic Park Innovation Hub, Liverpool Street, Lime Street, Cheap Side, Gherkin, Lloyd’s building, Cheese Grater building, London Financial District, Bank of England, St. Paul, London Stock Exchange and more

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