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Welcome to discoverED360, a learning experience platform with 360° interactive educational content and global experiences to supplement and enhance your classroom while building globally competent and competitive students.

discoverED360 was created with the simple mission to make education more exciting and engaging through interactive 360° content and immersive media. We like to call them global learning experiences (GLE), as any digital tour will leave users inspired and motivated to learn more on that topic, just like learning in the field. All of our supplemental educational content is updated and hosted on our platform, ready to be explored. Find out how it works and learn more about our flexible subscription plans that suit your institution, department, or the needs of individual faculty.

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Why discoverED 360

Institutions struggle to build globally competent / culturally aware students

A characteristic much needed in tomorrow’s future leaders

Traditional education doesn’t match Gen Z’s lifestyle

They’ve grown up in an online, digital world and are accustomed to independence, quick access, and tech

Fewer than 2% of US students experience international education. 

Mainly due to money, time, mobility conditions, unawareness, travel restriction

Traditional education needs to be upgraded.

It lacks interactivity, digital engagement, and global experiences


In collaboration with Study Abroad Association, discoverED360 has launched 360° Global Learning Experiences (GLE), for faculty and institutions to enhance the classroom through a more immersive, inspiring and interactive environment.


Effective Campus Internationalization

Enhanced curriculum with
up-to-date real world content

Global education experiences accessible to all, without barriers

Interactive learning accessible from all web enabled devices

Self-paced, engaging, supplemental learning materials

Affordable and flexible subscription models

In addition to our asynchronous 360° content, we also have a vast selection of live streaming solutions from experts in the field, ready to help you enhance your class.

Choose your field of study, your local on-ground expert, and book your session today!

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